Female Fashion Prodigy


Tarun Tahiliani Couture 2014


Coco Chanel revolutionised the fashion industry by broadening the scope and availability of choice for women - she could relate to what women desired out of clothing. Chanel positioned herself away from the constricting garments that were worn by women and chose to craft her fashion items as comfortable, practical as well as elegant.

She introduced an era of modernity in female clothing by presenting key pieces that characterised her infamous style - these include the Chanel suit, her signature two-colour trimmed cardigan, the little black dress and flat-chested designs. Chanel’s evening wear designs also took an unconventional form from her contemporaries as she introduced tiered dresses which emphasised the female body from the waist down, as well as draped bodices that were adorned as an elongated stole. 

Chanel made it possible for women to be glamorous in colours associated with masculine clothing such as black, navy and grey. The dark tones continue to emulate a high level of sophistication in clothing today and is a favoured choice of colour for female apparel.

The name ‘Chanel’ will eternally be synonymous with grace and style. Her expertise has inspired admirers on a global scale - Coco Chanel was a visionary and is without a doubt a timeless fashion icon who holds the highest esteem in the fashion industry today.


Fahad Hussayn’s ”Kaala Pani” Collection.