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Six shades of Bride by Jatin Lulla

I build a story behind every collection. I visualize characters, situations, interactions and then I think about what those characters would wear and that is how my collections come alive” -Fahad Hussayn [x] [source]

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MICHAEL CINCO Bridal Collection 2014-2015



Sonaakshi Raaj is better known for her trademark saree gowns which compose of elegant floor skimming gowns enwrapped with material over the shoulder to give the appearance of a saree. 

At this year’s Winter/Festive fashion week held in Mumbai, Raaj encompassed in her collection gracefully designed saree gowns as well as jumpsuits, calve length dresses with thigh-high cuts, beautifully embroidered blazers worn with harem pants, jodhpurs and an assortment of striking bodices with delicate beading, crochet work and multicoloured mosaic prints. The showstopper of the collection was the maroon fishtail gown worn by Bollywood star Malaika Arora Khan. 

Colours ranged from pastel shades such as peach, baby pinks and blues, mint green and a selection of other tones with maroon red, dusty gold, shimmering silver, black and navy. The colours combined stunningly with the silky draped fabric and the layers of tulle. 

In her captivating collection, Raaj demonstrated the diverse ways of wearing sarees without stepping too much out of your comfort zone. Raaj has successfully broadened the choice of attires for modern Indian women with her sleekly fitted ensembles that fuses together Indian and westernised clothing.